One morning I got a phone call from a local pet clinic saying, “Please, come get this dog.”   Evidently, a client of theirs had dropped off a male yellow lab puppy at the clinic for boarding, while he checked himself into a mental rehab clinic of sorts.  This puppy did not have a name and they were calling him “Yappy” because he wouldn’t quit barking.  I was to take him on as a boarding-for-training student while the owner was away.  So initially, Yappy came to me as another new student.

This client had purchased the puppy at Petland:  it was an impulse buy.  The dog’s birth date said 9/11. And I couldn’t help but notice that the client actually bought that dog on my birthday.

I was the dog’s teacher and his trainer, and he was a fabulous student. When we talked on the phone, the original owner was reluctant about his purchase, and he wasn’t sure if he could be a responsible pet owner.  During the dog’s stay, I gave him a respectable name, a name deserving of such a wonderful dog: Luke. I assured the owner that Luke was no ordinary dog, and that if any dog would have a healing effect in his life, it had to be this dog.  His owner agreed to give the relationship a try.

I took him back to his original owner’s home and started with lessons.  Within a couple of days, his former owner was ignoring my phone calls and refusing to communicate.  I had no other choice than to let go.  After all, he was not my dog.

A few weeks went by, and a wife or ex-wife (I’m really not sure) called me and told me that Luke’s former owner had been at a loss for taking care of him and had once again given him away to a less than appropriate situation.  He was being left outdoors and was destroying their outdoor furniture.  Needless to say, she asked if I would consider purchasing Luke. I couldn’t say “yes” fast enough.  I can still remember seeing Luke coming back in our office door, and I knew at that moment he was a keeper.

I haven’t had the kind of working partner I have found in Luke for over 30 years.  He is blessing.  I am grateful, and I am blessed with his being.  Luke is a very important member of our staff, and fills a position no human possibly could.

Lukes Demo – Nosework for dogs beginner class


Luke with Ceasar Millan

Luke with Martin Deely

Luke checking in at hotel

Luke at the sand dunes

Luke at dog beach

Luke and Moria at the dunes

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Tracy Ragazzo
Tracy Ragazzo

5 out of 5 stars

posted 7 months ago

Karyn of Garvin's Divine Dog Training is a miracle worker. When my husband and I first started working with Karyn 10+ years and 3 dogs ago we had been turned down by prior trainers...stating that our Italian Greyhound puppy was just that...a puppy...and "to give it time" and were even told that maybe we got the wrong breed. After just one meeting with Karyn, the puppy knew his name, wasn't afraid of the leash and most important....we weren't afraid of our decision to get a dog!!! She has the whole family how to be one cohesive unit and how to work together! Something I thought was not possible!!
Karyn has the knowledge and know how to train not only my dog with verbal and non verbal commands, she was able to teach my husband and I the skills we needed to be successful. Because of her years and expertise she taught my husband and I that it's okay be frustrated and lost at times. Because of her care, compassion, knowledge and integrated approach to training we are now working with Karyn on our third puppy,(another Italian Greyhound) and our Yorkie is getting a refresher course.
I myself have a very hectic schedule and was able to do my first on-line coaching session. How many trainers would be willing to meet with you in-between clients remotely on a Saturday morning after sending her an SOS email mid week?!?! 1 and 1 only...KARYN GARVIN!!!!!!!!!!!! Not only did this save me time (and my sanity), but it also saved me money.

If you are looking for someone who will give you the time and training that you deserve on an Integrated Approach for Dog Training, then do yourself and your dog a favor, contact Karyn. You will not be disappointed.

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