Garvin’s Divine Dog Training
In Tucson Since 1980


 Teaching You
How to Train Your Dog

All Breeds ● All Ages ● All Phases of Obedience Training

Behavior Management Solutions for:
• On-leash behavior issues around people and dogs
• Inappropriate levels of aggression
• Housebreaking ● Chewing ● Barking ● Fence Jumping
• Separation Anxiety and Containment Phobia

Karyn Can Turn Your World Around In Just ONE Lesson!!!


●   During our first lesson together, we will map out how to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.

●   You will gain both the new insights you need, and the clarity to be successful!

●   You walk away with your own personal “to do” list which will allow you to implement the information and take immediate action.

Having been a professional dog trainer for 40 years and having provided no less than 40,000 private lessons during that time span, I’m confident that the solutions you receive will be life changing.  (For Your Entire Life As Well)

Dogs Are Manageable … That’s the Key!!!

Most of my clients start out believing that the dog ought to change. Experience has taught me that this way of thinking only leads to disappointment, because it puts all of the responsibility for change solely on the dog. Rather than thinking the dog should know better, what my clients learn instead is how to train and manage their dog. You learn that you are in charge, and how to manage situations at hand. You learn how to be a great teacher and leader.

Obedience Training Gives You the Tools You Need to Manage Your Dog. It’s As Much About Teaching You … As It Is About Training Your Dog


Most Recent Review

Monty & Carrie Bonello
Monty & Carrie Bonello

5 out of 5 stars

posted 5 days ago

Our nine month old golden doodle’s behavior was driving us bonkers until Karyn came to the rescue. Karyn has an uncanny rapport with dogs. She understood the situation immediately and gave us the tools to make better decisions concerning Daisy. Karyn’s soft spoken style instills confidence, and her training tips are invaluable. It is apparent from the first meeting that she loves dogs and is eager to share her vast experience with the dog’s owners. The way Daisy snuggled up to Karyn showed us Daisy appreciated the advice Karyn’s shared with us. Thank you Karyn!

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What is “Divine Dog” Training?

All dog trainers teach through stories. Karyn’s stories just happen to be based on her belief in the “Divine,” that power which is greater than ourselves. Her integrated approach to dog training includes spirituality, science, psychology, universal laws, nature and the natural order of life as we know it.

Dogs Do Go To Heaven!

As a professional dog trainer and animal behavior specialist, I consult with numerous people who bring in their new dog for the first time. We often end up talking about another dog from before, and frequently the tears begin to roll down their cheeks.



Karyn was selected to be a presenter at the TEDxTucson talk in January 2017.  View her life changing message to dog owners below.