Do you know how to manage your dog’s behavior?

Did you think it’s just the dog that has to change?

Guess What … Dogs Aren’t Changing!

All behavior is either innate or learned.  This is true for people as well as animals.  Innate behaviors are never going away for good, but they can be managed.  Only learned behaviors can be extinguished.

Let’s use an example for a person: Is breathing innate or learned?  The correct answer is innate, and we will breathe our entire lives.  Now let’s take the example of a person smoking cigarettes. Would this behavior be innate or learned?  The answer is learned, of course, and yes, a person can quit smoking once and for all.

Now back to the dog, and let’s take jumping for example. Is it innate or learned?  It’s innate!  As are barking, licking, digging and a dog’s desire to walk out in front of us (which can lead to pulling).  Most dog behaviors are innate, and the dogs natural inclination to be a dog is made manageable with obedience training.

Enrolling in obedience training is part of the solution when taking The Integrated Approach.  You will learn how to communicate with your dog by teaching commands that become the tools you need to redirect your dog. As you earn your leadership, you will also learn how to use training equipment properly.


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5 out of 5 stars

posted 4 months ago

I recently met Karyn Garvin and heard her speak on Training your dog using an Integrative Approach. She is a great speaker and her many, many years of Dog training clearly show in her confidence and clear explanations of why and how her approach is so successful. Altho I have had formal training with my dog, hearing her talk about the good dog/bad dog behavior and how we unknowingly feed the bad dog behavior really resonated with me. How to effectively use tethering was a wonderful tool. I particularly liked how she reminded us, a dog is a dog. What is a dogs natural instincts and how to work with those instincts to have a happier, better behaved, dog. Loved her and wouldn't hesitate to use her for continued training.

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