Just as integrated medicine for people takes into account the whole person, mind, body and spirit, The Integrated Approach to dog training also takes into account the whole dog.  This approach includes spirituality as well as science, nature, psychology and universal laws. The Integrated Approach also embraces a variety of training methods as well as types of dog training equipment which have been designed to help people train their dogs. This approach is meant to be inclusive rather than exclusive.


Divine Dog” Training Also Represents a New Mindset

If you agree that the dog is “Divine” and quite possibly the universe’s finest example of unconditional love … then you might also  that dogs were created perfectly just as they are. Dogs are dogs and dogs do what dogs do. Once again, dogs are manageable and that is the key!

Here’s the kind of language you Are Going to hear.

  • You are going to hear that the dog is not some creature intent on establishing dominance over us.  Rather the dog is viewed as a kindred spirit and there are many similarities in how we all make decisions.
  • You are going to hear and learn about managing innate behaviors such as barking or chewing, as opposed to stopping them. The use of language such as stopping behaviors gives the impression that the behavior is always wrong. It has left many people feeling like failures, thinking they were the problem, and even worse, seeing their dog as less. All jumping for joy cannot possibly be bad!!!
  • You are going to learn about self-fulfilling prophecy; how your belief system may or may not contribute to your success. Wayne Dyer said it best: “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”
  • You are going to hear that disciplined discipline is always based on love. And that pressure can be a privilege … producing growth.

We will look at your dog as it was created innately, and establish rules for living based on both of your individual needs. You will learn how to communicate clearly and how to earn your leadership. You will learn how to get your needs filled by understanding and filling the needs of another … your dog’s.


Integrated Training Techniques

The root of the word “obedience” means to listen. We often think of an obedient dog as one that listens to its owner’s commands or direction. This is what most people want. They want a dog that listens and is, therefore, manageable.

In the study of behavior modification with people, we learn that all decisions are based on seeking rewards and/or avoiding consequences. This is also true for animals. Herein lies the need for integrating both rewards and consequences into a harmonious whole.

The Integrated Approach is meant to be inclusive rather than exclusive. Please take a moment to view the video below. I am proud to offer you this wide range of tools in my tool box.



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