$75 for the first ½ hour, $50 each additional ½ hour

Phone consultations are very popular. Karyn Garvin is prepared to answer any questions you may have over the phone.

Step One: Getting Scheduled

  • You may want to begin by filling in the opt-in box on this page. Karyn will receive your email and contact information directly.
  • You are also welcome to call the office and leave your message.

Step Two: Complete the Questionnaire

Karyn understands that you and your dog are unique. In order for her to give you advice over the phone, she wants to know more about you in advance.

• Upon scheduling your appointment and receipt of payment, we will send a questionnaire by email for you to complete prior to the phone consultation. Your answers will provide Karyn with valuable information which will help her make the best use of your time together.


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Most Recent Review


5 out of 5 stars

posted 4 months ago

I recently met Karyn Garvin and heard her speak on Training your dog using an Integrative Approach. She is a great speaker and her many, many years of Dog training clearly show in her confidence and clear explanations of why and how her approach is so successful. Altho I have had formal training with my dog, hearing her talk about the good dog/bad dog behavior and how we unknowingly feed the bad dog behavior really resonated with me. How to effectively use tethering was a wonderful tool. I particularly liked how she reminded us, a dog is a dog. What is a dogs natural instincts and how to work with those instincts to have a happier, better behaved, dog. Loved her and wouldn't hesitate to use her for continued training.

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