Online Coaching or a Phone Consultation

There are advantages to beginning our work together in this way.

  • Verifying that we are a GREAT fit is important.

You have an opportunity to discuss your situation with me online.  For those more comfortable with a phone consultation, we will make that option work. (The same rates apply.)

I am on your team!  I am committed to helping you achieve the results you’re looking for, whatever that might require.

I consider myself to be as positive, loving and understanding as any good teacher could be.  However, I want you to be prepared for the fact that I do take a candid no-nonsense approach which is results driven.    

I also want you to know that while I will always opt for the most positive approach to training available, I believe that there are situations where using strictly positive reinforcement and treats for training dogs is not going to suffice.    

  • Online coaching may very well provide you with all the advice you need … and save you money.

I am in my 40th year as a professional dog trainer and dog behavior specialist.  I have had no less than 40,000 private lessons with clients over this time span.

I have always found every dog and each dog owner to be unique individuals.  The wealth of experience that I bring to the table gives me the advantage of being able to show up and know just what you need to hear. 

Your online coaching would come in the form of a Zoom meeting.  I would email you an invitation in advance for a specific time, and we can view each other as we talk.  I can also view your dog (and sometimes your dog’s behavior) online.

Clients who have a portable laptop can show me around the house if there is an area that I would like to see for our training purposes.

A phone consultation is another viable option for those who would prefer not to get online.

The Fee for Online Coaching or a Phone Consultation is $75.00 for the first half hour or $125.00 for a full hour.  

Money Back GuaranteeIf for any reason you did not find your coaching session to be of enormous value to you let me know while we are still on the line and you will not be charged for the session. 

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