First Hour: $125

Each Additional ½ Hour: $50

Trip Fee: $25

Karyn will allow for at least 1½ hours in her schedule for your initial sessions. At some homes, initial sessions can turn into mini seminars by the time Karyn answers all of your questions and addresses all of your concerns. Once again, each additional ½ hour is an additional $50

(Discounted Training Packages May be Available)

Many of Karyn’s clients who call in for the first time need help with training, and they need it now. They know what their issues are and what they want to focus on.  Or, you may be someone who has no idea how to turn your situation around but you do know that you want assistance in doing so.  Either way, the advantage to beginning with a private training is that you will receive the specific answers, insights and solutions you need.

  • Private lessons are scheduled at your home and at your convenience on either a Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Daytime and evening appointments are available.
  • Please include family members that you want be involved in the training process, as well as any additional dogs that may play a role or need additional training. Now is the time for Karyn to meet everyone (including dogs) that you want involved.
  • Experience Karyn’s one-on-one coaching, and see what she means when she says that dog training is as much about teaching you as it is about training your dog.

Step One: Getting Scheduled

  • You may want to begin by filling in the opt-in box on this page. Karyn will receive your email and contact information directly.
  • You are also welcome to call the office and leave your message.

Garvin’s “Divine Dog” Training
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Most Recent Review

Matthew Lee
Matthew Lee

5 out of 5 stars

posted 4 days ago

If you are on the fence of asking Garvin for help, let me say this: all the reviews are right. Karyn Garvin does an amazing job of explaining behavioral problems, dog psychology, and training techniques.

My girlfriend and I adopted a dog from HSSA who was very reactive (barking, lunging, and pulling) and just recently nipped someone at the dog park. I called Karyn the next day and we made an appointment. We just had a 1.5 hrs session, and my dog's behavior has undergone a miraculous improvement. It's like night and day from where she was before.

Karyn was kind, patient, and understanding. She took her to time to work with us and explain everything so that we understood. Before this, we were running out of options, had tried so many approaches, and were at our wits end. Now, everything is illuminated. We have a clear goal. I cannot recommend her highly enough. 10/10.

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