Private In-Home Training

I have a high regard for people who prefer hands-on assistance and would like to work with me privately from the very start.    

I am also thought of as a specialty trainer with the ability to help you when your other resources have failed. You may have been referred to me for this very reason. 


  • Training at your home offers the advantages of training without distractions … and learning what to do and how to do it, right there where you want to do it.
  • Another advantage for both of us is that I can demonstrate the lesson in person. Our objective is to teach you how to be a great communicator with your dog.  All interested family members are also welcome to attend.
  • You receive more hands-on coaching which builds both your understanding and self-confidence.
  • You also get to see the results when your dog is handled by a professional. You have a clearer vision of what you need to model.
  • If you feel like we need other dogs present I own four very well trained and balanced dogs that are happy to help when need be. They do not accompany me unless we have determined that this would be beneficial.
  • I also carry an array of training equipment with me which will help us determine just what will work best for your dog.

Fees for Private In-Home Training

$150.00 per hour & $35.00 trip fee

The first session is always the longest and will very likely last at least 2 hours.  

This fee remains the same regardless of how many dogs are included in the session.

BONUS … We will schedule a follow-up online consultation (1/2 hour) at the time of your appointment to ensure that I have answered all your questions and that you are getting the results you wanted. 

Package prices reduce the investment even more.

To receive the discounted rates, you would want to invest in one of these packages at the time of your session.   Package prices are paid in full at the time of selection.

4 Private Sessions ……………….. $1,149.00
8 Private Sessions ……………….. $1,995.00

Unlimited Private Sessions with a Lifetime Guarantee $3,500 (for one dog)

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