Private In-home Training


Many of Karyn’s clients who call in for the first time need help with training, and they need it now. They know what their issues are and what they want to focus on.  Or, you may be someone who has no idea how to turn your situation around but you do know that you want assistance in doing so.  Either way, the advantage to beginning with a private training is that you will receive the specific answers, insights and solutions you need.

  • Private lessons are scheduled at your home and at your convenience on either a Monday, Friday or Saturday. Daytime and evening appointments are available.
  • Please include family members that you want be involved in the training process, as well as any additional dogs that may play a role or need additional training. Now is the time for Karyn to meet everyone (including dogs) that you want involved.
  • Experience Karyn’s one-on-one coaching, and see what she means when she says that dog training is as much about teaching you as it is about training your dog.


Karyn will allow for at least 2 hours for your initial session. At some homes, initial sessions can turn into mini seminars by the time she has answered all of your questions and addressed all of your concerns.

The investment for this first private session is $350.00.

Discounted Training Packages Are Available
4 Private Sessions – $1,300.00
8 Private Sessions – $2,400.00
Unlimited Private Session with a Lifetime Guarantee – $4,000.00

Step One: Getting Scheduled

  • You may want to begin by filling in the opt-in box on this page. Karyn will receive your email and contact information directly.



Most Recent Review

Tracy Ragazzo
Tracy Ragazzo

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

Karyn of Garvin's Divine Dog Training is a miracle worker. When my husband and I first started working with Karyn 10+ years and 3 dogs ago we had been turned down by prior trainers...stating that our Italian Greyhound puppy was just that...a puppy...and "to give it time" and were even told that maybe we got the wrong breed. After just one meeting with Karyn, the puppy knew his name, wasn't afraid of the leash and most important....we weren't afraid of our decision to get a dog!!! She has the whole family how to be one cohesive unit and how to work together! Something I thought was not possible!!
Karyn has the knowledge and know how to train not only my dog with verbal and non verbal commands, she was able to teach my husband and I the skills we needed to be successful. Because of her years and expertise she taught my husband and I that it's okay be frustrated and lost at times. Because of her care, compassion, knowledge and integrated approach to training we are now working with Karyn on our third puppy,(another Italian Greyhound) and our Yorkie is getting a refresher course.
I myself have a very hectic schedule and was able to do my first on-line coaching session. How many trainers would be willing to meet with you in-between clients remotely on a Saturday morning after sending her an SOS email mid week?!?! 1 and 1 only...KARYN GARVIN!!!!!!!!!!!! Not only did this save me time (and my sanity), but it also saved me money.

If you are looking for someone who will give you the time and training that you deserve on an Integrated Approach for Dog Training, then do yourself and your dog a favor, contact Karyn. You will not be disappointed.

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