William Wilkinson

Karen Garvin is a fantastic, empathetic, superbly skilled canine trainer. Karen loves animals and they love her. Her books are great! Her prices are fair! Her results are excellent! It is wonderful to see someone who enjoys her lifetime vocation and accomplishments so much that she clearly does these things for love of our animals and its not work for her.

Richard Roney

Karyn is one of the most warm, caring, knowledgeable people we have had the pleasure to meet and interact with.  Our Vet gave her a glowing recommendation and we saw why immediately.  She met our 7 month old
English Bulldog, Maddie and immediately we saw something begin to happen.  In our first session the change in Maddie was unbelievable,  On the way home we both looked at each other and said “do you think she hypnotized her.”  From that first session through the remaining seven we saw Karyn work her magic.  She taught us how to be trainers of Maddie so she understood and taught us how to understand Maddie’s needs.  God Bless you Karyn for your love and devotion to your craft and dogs.

Sally SD

Karyn is so gentle and kind. She helped us in the past obedience training for 2 of our dogs and we recently needed Karyn’s help again. She helped our family tremendously and we will forever be grateful to her. She has a wonderful ability to make everything feel okay and right. Anyone in need of dog training or aid really will benefit from the gifts Karyn can provide.

Dawn Williams

Ranger was on his fifth stint at animal control.  He was an escape artist (he even managed to jump an 8-foot fence at animal control!), and two families had returned him because of his destructive behavior.  He was a “special needs” adoption, but we couldn’t resist his big, friendly grin, so we took him home.  The first time we tried to leave him home alone, we left him in a shiny new kennel, with an old bean-bag and plenty of toys.  A few hours later, I came home to bean-bag stuffing everywhere, a bent kennel, and a furiously panting dog.  Okay, so he doesn’t like the kennel.  The next time, we left him in the bathroom, thinking that would give him a little more freedom (and hopefully less means to hurt himself).  This time, however, when I got home I could hardly get the bathroom door open, because Ranger had shredded the door!  As soon as I let him out, he promptly went into the middle of the living room and took a nap.  What was going on?  I looked online for a trainer, because we had committed to working with Ranger to get him stable and happy.  Lucky for me, I came across Karyn Garvin’s website, and her book, “Separation Anxiety vs. Containment Phobia.”  Turns out, poor Ranger just can’t be locked up!  After reading Karyn’s book, it was clear that he has containment phobia, not separation anxiety.  Once we got him set up with an Invisible Fence and doggy door, so that he could have the run of the house and yard, getting him trained to be home alone without destruction was almost too easy!  Now he’s a happy dog, and if he feels panicked and closed in, he can go outside, or come back inside.  He’s settling in as part of the family, and we can rest easy knowing that he’s safe and content, even when we’re not home.

Nancy Arseneault

Our Australian Cattle Dog puppy needed training and activities to keep her both physically and mentally occupied.  A friend recommended Karyn Garvin.  My husband and I began by working with Karyn and our puppy on basic commands & the normal puppy behaviors.  Then Matty and I continued for several months with a great group of people and dogs in Karyn’s group obedience classes.  Our dog (now 1 and 1/2 years old) has enjoyed the training thoroughly and has completed all three levels of the group training.  Thank you, Karyn, for helping us create a happy & well adjusted dog.

Leah Gomez

I have been to a few other dog trainers in Tucson, as I was desperate to stop my dog from barking and acting aggressive/nervous around strangers…  Then I found Karyn and Garvin Divine Dog Training.  Not only did Karyn take the time to listen to my concerns, she helped me understand my own behaviors and anxiety about my dog’s behavior.  

When I left our session, I felt confident and empowered.  I felt like I finally understood my dog and my own behavior.  Karyn used our session as the opportunity to assist me in becoming the leader my dog needed.  I will definitely be back, and I cannot tell you how grateful I am.  If you are reading this, GO NOW.  You will not regret it.  

Susan Lantz

We are grateful every day for Karyn Garvin and her Divine Dog Training. Karyn taught us how to manage behaviors (from just annoying to downright destructive) we thought our dogs would have for life. Best of all, both of our dogs love Karyn and enjoy learning these skills. They are thrilled every time they get to go to “school.”

Susan Leader

Karyn came to our house to help us with our adorable but rambunctious and somewhat naughty (destructive) 2 year old lab mix.  She started by asking a lot of questions to really understand all our issues and their magnitude. Then she took them one by one and offered suggestions for how to deal with each issue, also explaining relevant issues about a dog’s innate (and learned) behavior. She also gave us a copy of a book she just published, her third.

I had heard wonderful things about her, and now that I’ve met her, I can say there is probably no one in Tucson with more experience with dog training and animal behavior. She had a calm, low key presence and I am most anxious to start using her training techniques.  

One of the most reassuring things is that she was very clear that he is not a bad dog; he is just a dog. As the humans we have to take responsibility for letting him know what is acceptable and what isn’t. And Karyn has given us the tools to know exactly how to do that.

Joyce Beadling

I have had dogs in my family all of my life.  After having been without one for 6 months, my daughter sent me a picture of the cutest puppies saying she thought I should go and look at them.  The male puppy had the sweetest face and I was immediately in love.
However the puppy was full of energy and I was not being successful in managing him and his puppy behaviors of mouthing ( those puppy teeth hurt ) , wanting to be outside all the time and not really seeming to bond with me.  I was considering returning him but decided to try a session with Garvin’s Divine Dog Training. Charlie was only 9 weeks old, I really didn’t expect much and was surprised that he could even go to training since he had not had all his shots. It was explained that the lessons are private so this is not a problem.
I am so glad I made this choice.  In one lesson, my puppy learned to recognize his name and respond to sit and come commands. Karyn also had so many tips on managing his rambunctious puppy behavior. I was now happy to be around my puppy.  
We made the decision to continue the lessons.  Charlie is so excited to go to school.  He is only 14 weeks old and has learned many commands.  We are now working on heel, sit and stay.  I am continually amazed that my young puppy can learn so quickly and retain what he learns. He is bonding with me and loves practicing his lessons.
Karyn is patient with me and Charlie. She has a special bond and talent in working with dogs and people.  I can’t thank Karyn enough for making me a proud puppy parent.

Update on Charlie and his training:
Charlie and I recently graduated from Advanced Obedience Training at Garvin’s Divine Dog Training.  A little over a year ago when I showed up at Karyn’s with my puppy, I was sure that I had made a big mistake adopting this Labrador mix puppy who was full of energy.  I wrote a review then, but want to again express my appreciation and thankfulness that I found this wonderful dog training facility.

I am so pleased to now have a well behaved though still full of energy dog.  The training we received was really outstanding.  I have trained dogs in the past using books and articles and had been pretty successful.  None of the techniques I had used before were working with Charlie. Also I had never been able to walk any of my previous dogs .  They would bark at other dogs,  pull on the leash, and bark at people we passed.  They behaved pretty well at home but not out in public. Within a few weeks, I was walking Charlie and not having any of these issues.  Charlie responded so well to the integrated approach that Karyn uses.  I learned to manage Charlie’s behavior and channel his energy.  We have been to gatherings with other dogs and it has been a joy to have people remark as to what a nice dog Charlie is.

During the course of our training, I had hip replacement surgery.  Karyn worked with me to insure that I would be able to manage Charlie during my recovery since I would have restricted movement.  We also worked on how others would handle  Charlie during my hospital stay.

I am so happy to have my well behaved  buddy Charlie and proud to be a Garvin Divine Dog Training Graduate !

Shari S.

Karyn has a gift when it comes to communicating with dogs!  She is able to train both the dog and owner so that the result is success!  I know because success is what my pup Kinsey and I have achieved!  I would highly recommend Karyn for any dog training needed!  She is also an amazing author!  I’d highly recommend her books as well!

Janelle Menick

We and our two standard poodle puppies completed the Garvin Divine Dog Training program with Karyn. Her patience and great sense of humor made it a pleasure for us to learn how to train and manage our dogs to be wonderful, well trained companions. We now feel prepared to continue the process.

Cindy McHenry

What a wonderful training facility! I love the positive approach with dogs. Karyn has helped me with every concern I have had with training my dog. I leave feeling confident and positive every time!

Steve McHenry

Karyn is the best!  We felt comfortable from the start with Karyn, her approach, and especially the way she relates our dog’s behavior to various human activities which really helped our understanding.  We went through the Platinum Client program, and a year-and-a half later, when some new behavior activities presented themselves, she was there for us with a follow-up session that really put our minds’ at ease.  We would highly, highly recommend Karyn and the Platinum Client program to anyone that wants to have an obedient dog that still maintains that fun-loving attitude that we love about dogs.  

Sandra Chapman

Karyn Garvin’s dog training strategies truly turned my puppy into a ‘divine dog”. Actually, the puppy wasn’t the issue. I needed the training in order to help my puppy grow into an obedient and wonderfully easy to manage dog. Karyn even came to our home to help us learn how to train the puppy to stay in our yard vs running into the street. She also taught us  how to create a safe but enjoyable physical environment  so the puppy could have freedom without destroying the house.

Karyn took the mystery out of dog training for us. She demonstrated each obedience command with the puppy first and then gave us specific  feedback as we worked on the commands. She was always available by phone if we needed assistance between sessions. Karyn helped us understand dog behavior in a way that I never gleaned from the many puppy books I read before enrolling in her weekly training classes.

If you are looking for a dog trainer that is highly skilled and experienced, knows dogs inside and out, will support you through anything you do with the dog and can lead you to almost any additional resource you will ever need, Karyn Garvin is your choice. And…living and working with your “divine” dog will become one of your greatest joys!
Kendra Lautz

Karyn Garvin goes above and beyond Dog Training…. I will be sad to end our “training Sessions” for my Dog and Myself have made a lifelong friend.
From Day 1,  I was amazed at her “way with Dogs” and I mean that, she has “a way.”.. I did not doubt anything she said and when I went home and applied what we had learned, not only did it work, I was amazed at the transition of our new puppy.
Our puppy was a surprise, a story to long to share but we were not planning or ready for a dog….. when she “arrived” the next day was like christmas and we were looking for a trainer soon after.
From the moment I met Karyn and we started training I have a new kind of love for Dogs, and feel that she not only trains our Dog but has trained me as a Dog owner, and caregiver.  I could write a book about our great experience with Garvin’s Dog Training, its been a gift far greater than expected.
I continue daily to see our puppy grow into a wonderful Dog and because of her training her behavior, mood, and overall actions have been Great! We are so very happy.

Thank you Karyn !!!!  

Sarah Epperson

Karyn was the first dog trainer I met with when I was looking for a dog trainer to help me with my extremely rowdy, ill-mannered Shephard mix puppy. After meeting with her I knew I didn’t need to look any further. She has such a way with dogs. On our first meeting she was introduced to my dog and they immediately had a connection. It was like they understood each other.

I sought out a dog trainer because I was at my wits end trying to train my dog myself. I was to the point where I thought it would be best for both myself and the puppy, if I looked for a new home for him. I decided to try training before getting rid of him and I am now so glad that I did. Karyn not only taught my dog to sit, heel, wait, go to his bed, etc., but she also taught ME how to train him effectively. She teaches you how to use your body language and tone of voice to get your dog to listen and obey commands. My dog is now such a great companion and wonderful addition to my family. I can’t thank Karyn enough and would recommend her 110%.

Matthew Almberg

One word to describe Karyn Garvin as a dog (and owner) trainer is “Phenomenal”!  I’ve had dogs in obedience training before with other instructors and they only focused on the animals behavior.  Karyn not only teaches the owners how to teach and correct their pets behavior, but she also identifies and corrects owner behavior that may influence the pet to not perform correctly.

I would not have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes but she can actually get inside your dogs head and make them do what she wants, how she wants, and when she wants.   Where owners fail at getting their dog to follow a command, Karyn will step in and demonstrate commands to the pet and owner; first so the owner can see how to do it properly, but I think mostly so Karyn can perform her magic (Dog Whispering) and make the pet see it her way and behave as instructed.

If you attend class and practice exercises with your pet regularly, having Karyn as your dog trainer is without a doubt the smartest investment you can make in your dog.  And with her lifetime of the dog “technical support” she provides as part of her training courses, I will always rely on Karyn if I have a question about how to correct behavior that comes up as our furry family member grows up, and she will be the first person I call when I get my next dog to schedule classes as soon as we can.

Thank you so much Karyn!

Jean Fedigan

After 15 years I decided to get another dog.  I was referred to Garvin’s by the vet and I have been very happy with the results.  Shiloh is a kind and gentle puppy and able to follow commands easily.  I have a new best friend in my dog and I give Karyn all the credit for such a happy relationship.  Karyn is patient and the dogs seem to naturally recognize a good soul.  Thank you Karyn.

Cheryl Lawley

Karyn is amazing!! I took my dog who has an anxiety disorder and multiple socialization issues. I was at my wits end. Karyn was so compassionate and kind both to me and Beau. She was very patient, especially with me! We have just graduated from basic obedience and what an achievement! When I took Beau to our vet after being with Karyn for the last nine months he was amazed and said he couldn’t believe it was the same dog. She’s a miracle worker!!!!


Karyn really gave me quality time and I appreciate her knowledge on dog behavior. I will be going back for more. This session was so informative and so helpful. I had some real multiple dog problems and thanks to Karyn I believe I have the way to solve them and make my little pack of Cairn Terriers into fabulous dogs. I feel so much happier and so far so do my dogs.

Joan Schlimgen

When we got Willie, an adult shepherd mix, we knew we would be in for some challenges because my husband was recovering from a stroke. Too late we realized those challenges were far greater than either of us had imagined. Willie had been confiscated from his owner by Pima Animal Control after spending his life on the end of a chain on a dirt lot. He had never even been trained to recognize his name. He was afraid of my husband and only felt comfortable outside by himself. This wasn’t working out at all.
Karyn Gavin to the rescue!  It was clear from the start that Karyn knew what she was doing. She carefully observed Willie and then worked with the three of us to determine our priorities before we all started to work.  Karyn taught us to be consistent in our approach with Willie and gave us the necessary tools that allowed us to relax and show him the love that he had never received. Karyn emphasizes gentle and positive correction and adapts her training to suit the specific needs of you and your dog.

Over the course of our training Willie has grown more trustful and enjoys spending time with us. He accompanies my husband on slow walks and loves going to the dog park where he plays well with all the other dogs.  Today he graduated from the Beginner Level of dog obedience, something we never thought possible. Willie has truly been rescued and become our wonderful companion.  We owe so much to Karyn. We highly recommend her and endorse her methods.

Josh Van

You won’t find better people to trust with your pets.   They have been absolutely amazing.  We are new to Tucson and I had to get surgery right after arriving.  Right before our move we were given an amazing French Bulldog (8 weeks old) that we were not expecting.   So when I found myself on crutches, surrounded by boxes, and chasing a not-yet-potting-trained puppy, I was very stressed out.  I called Karyn at Divine and she saved us.  Not only did they provide a very affordable solution to for boarding, they took our puppy into their home.  The took care of her for two weeks until I was back on my feet and taught her everything that she was needing to start learning.  I would have been worried sick leaving our new little baby in a kennel and Karyn made us feel completely at ease.  
I wouldn’t trust anyone else with our dogs.  Thank you so much Karyn!

Gigi Bean

I was having a very difficult time with training my 8 month old puppy with walking without wanting to attack every other dog we ran into.  Karyn has great energy and patience.  She was able to target my largest concern in just the one session.  Now, walking my puppy is stress free and all compliments to Garvin’s Divine Dog Training.  I look forward to working with Karyn on more puppy projects at a later date!

Brenda Beadling

I cannot say enough about Garvin’s Divine Dog Training.  My mother was at the end of the rope with her new puppy.  We have grown up with dogs my whole life so I couldn’t believe she was having problems.  It was coming to a point where my mother thought she was going to have to give back the puppy due to some unforeseen aggressive puppy behaviors especially mouthing with those sharp puppy teeth and growling.  After one lesson, I was on the phone with my mother immediately and she was telling me that her new puppy had learned so much and that it was like night and day with him.  Since then, my mother has had a couple more sessions.  Although I am not there to see how her puppy is doing, my mom continues to tell me all the wonderful things and how well behaved Charlie has become.  I am so happy that Karyn is able to help my mother and Charlie out.  They will now be lifelong friends!   Thank you for all that you do!  

Nichole Adams

We brought our dogs after a serious situation happened, for direction and honesty. Karyn met us and our dogs and gave the feedback needed at the time in a no holds barred, honest approach. Much appreciated.

Paul Houston

Watching Karyn work is like watching a great magician. She is a marvel. She has done wonders for our puppy. She treats the dog with the respect of knowing she has a beautiful soul. Her integrated approach works and Karyn really understands “dogness.” We would recommend her without hesitation and great enthusiasm.  We love our puppy classes!

Tanya White

Best decision we ever made!  We are so pleased we decided to put both our dogs in individual and group training.  Karyn is absolutely wonderful!!  She is so passionate in what she does and really cares.  We often times called training our “dog therapy” sessions.  Anytime my husband and I had a disagreement on how to “raise” our dogs she would be the voice of reason.  Our dogs are so much happier and we are too.  It has made huge improvements at home and anytime we take our dogs out in public.  Her establishment is extremely clean, comfortable, and has every possible training equipment you can think of.  I am extremely happy with our experience.  If you want individual attention and a trainer that truly cares, call Garvin’s Divine Training, you will not regret it!

Stephanie Epperson

I would never recommend anyone but Karyn for dog training!!  She truly understands and connects with dogs and knows how to teach us humans to do the same.  I had such a wonderful experience with Karyn and plan to work with her again if I ever get another dog.  The results we got with our dog are seriously worth every penny!  Thanks Karyn!

Colleen Concannon

I was looking for a trainer who could teach both me and my Labrador mix the steps of obedience training.  Karyn Garvin has a wonderful way with dogs.  Without raising her voice or becoming frustrated, Karyn was able to convey to my dog (and perhaps the harder to teach student… me) the gradual ins and outs of acceptable dog behavior.  In the beginning, I was dealing with a strong willed dog who took me for walks instead of the other way around.  I wanted a dog that could accompany me anywhere and be a pleasure to introduce to people.   Today, that is the dog I have.   In public, inside or outside, my little girl acts in a manner similar to that of a service dog.  Conversely, when we are at home or in a dog park, she jumps, dances and runs with the same free spirit she has always possessed.   Thank you Karyn, for giving me the companion I always wanted.

Eddie Montano

My 79 year old Grandfather has a 90lb Lab/Sharpei mix and has wanted to take him out walking, but hadn’t because “Leo” was too strong of a dog for him.  My Grandfather would worry that he would get hurt trying to walk Leo. I tried walking Leo and he would pull a lot. I decided to have a trainer come out and work with the both of them. Looked up reviews and found Garvin’s Divine Dog Training. Reviews were excellent. Decided to give it a try. Karen came out and met with us. Wanted a quick history of Leo and experiences with him. After that she began preparing my Grandfather for the techniques that would work in getting Leo to walk properly. She spent less than 5 minutes working with Leo and my Grandfather was walking him without a care in the world. It was truly a miracle that happened and allowed Leo to become “walkable.” Thanks Karen because of you, my Grandfather now has a new walking buddy.

Marilyn Hedges

Karyn is a fantastic trainer. She is so patient with the dogs and especially patient with the owners that are working with the dogs. She does an excellent job on explaining dog behaviors and why you should do things a certain way. Such as when you want your dog to heel you start out with your left foot which shows the dog to go forward but if you want the dog to stay put you give the hand signal and oral command to stay but lead of with your right foot which is not beside the dog since the dog is on your left and so the motion to go forward is not transmitted to the dog.
I wouldn’t take a dog to anyone else for training and starting with private lessons is the most ideal situation before going into a group class.

Robert Disney

Karyn Garvin does not simply train dogs; she IS a dog trainer.  Training dogs is what one “does”, but a “dog trainer” is Karyn’s true state of being.  It’s what she was put here to do.  

The first time I met Karyn, I knew she was someone special.  Her facility is clean and highly conducive to a fun, educational environment for both you and your dog.  She introduced me to her own dogs and showed me what they were capable of doing: going to their spots to lay down, one at a time, and by name; having a treat placed before them and waiting (drooling even!) until their turn to eat; lying down while Karyn left the room and then remaining in place until she returned, despite my frantic efforts to entice them to move with treats, clapping, and calling their names.  Seeing is believing, and I was amazed.  But the most amazing surprises came when Karyn began working with me and Keira, my 9-month old German Shepherd.   

Karyn does not simply train your dog.  She trains YOU to train your dog.  The concept is relatively simple.  Karyn works with you and your dog together, teaching you both the techniques you need to be successful in training and obedience.  Once she is satisfied that the both of you have the fundamentals down and are ready to move on, you progress to group classes where their (and your) attention span is really tested.  The group interaction is fun and enjoyable for both of you.

Karyn speaks “dog.”  I can’t put it any other way.  When there is a communication problem between you and your dog, Karyn steps in to show you how it’s done.  Everyone I’ve talked to agrees: dogs will do things for Karyn that they just won’t do for you–at least maybe not the first time.  But once she has shown the dog what is expected of it, he or she readily does it for you (provided you speak to it correctly!).  

Well, here’s the part you’ve really been waiting for; what anybody reading this really wants to know.   I took Keira to Karyn in late July as a 9-month old pup.  She knew some basic commands, such as sit, lie down, and roll on her side.  After training with Karyn for six months, Keira and I have now graduated advanced obedience training.  She will lie down and sit on command from a distance across a room or outdoors.  She will stand, sit, and lie down without moving, regardless of how I move around her or even leave the room (and NEVER using the word “STAY”…in Karyn’s world, sit means to SIT and just STAY THERE until told to do otherwise!).  She plays great with other dogs and now pays them almost no attention when we are out in public.  Keira will go to any spot I point out to her and wait to be told to move.  She can heel immediately on my left side, both on and off leash, and adjust her speed to stay even with my pace…and when I stop, she sits immediately without being told.  If she is out of position at all, she will immediately correct with the command of “heel” or “finish,” depending on which direction I want her to go.  My personal favorite command is that I can put a treat on the floor without her taking it, throw her ball without her chasing it, or open a door without her entering it, until she is released to do so with “ok.”  

So, that wraps up my review of Karyn Garvin’s Divine Dog Training.  I can’t speak highly enough of her, her training methods, and what she has done for me and my dog.  You just can’t put a price on the peace of mind that comes with a well-behaved, well-trained, RELIABLE AND PREDICTABLE dog.  Karyn definitely deserves my highest recommendation.  So what are YOU waiting for?

John White

Karyn is a wonderful instructor.  I took my dog thru her complete training program with fantastic results.
I really feel I got a great value for my money.  Throughout the program she would always ask how my pup was behaving at home, and checking to see if he was developing any bad behaviors that needed to be addressed. And if he did experience a problem she would schedule a private lesson to work on that specific problem.   What I find really conforting is she makes an effort to stay in contact  with her clients after you finish the program, and if you need help with a behavioral problem you can still call her.  
I feel very confident taking my dog out in public or off lease in the desert knowing he will respond to the commands he was taught, and that will keep him out of harms way.

Brayden Hardy

Can not say enough positive comments.  Signing up for the lifetime package is the best thing I have ever done for my puppy and me!  After five years my dog developed some behavior issues (or maybe I did) but we went back into training and was welcomed back and given all the time and attention we needed.  

Claudia Fontes

We chose Garvin’s Divine Dog Training after researching facilities in the area- I saw only positive reviews and after our first visit I can say that this is admirably earned.

      I contacted Karyn after two dogs in our four dog blended family began having issues. Soon after moving in with my boyfriend two of our dogs began to fight. Or rather- one of our dogs was bullying and harassing another. It went beyond loud scuffles and into the dangerous area where the dog responded to no commands and blood would be drawn. I was in a panic and every incident seemed to escalate in severity.

       Karyn met with me and the dogs and helped me identify how I was contributing to the chaos and what the likely motivation behind the aggressive behavior was. After being nervous about the visit, stressed about our dog’s safety and wondering how I was going to be able to handle it I left Karyn’s center after a two hour visit that was worth more than month of obedience training with any generic training facility. She gave me the knowledge and mental tools to deescalate situations before fights broke out and get to the root of the problem- as well as some handy physical tools to facilitate the transition.

       Not once was did I question her ability to handle any situation that might arise during our session and her ability to understand a dog’s behavior and respond to it was outstanding.

       We will be returning for obedience training- with a much calmer dog.

Thank you Karyn for helping us get started on a road to a much happier and healthy family.

Renee Montrachet

Roscoe is our adorable terrier mix who came to us through Pima Animal Control.  He was a stray with a LOT of undesirable behavior.  We tried training through a local pet store and a private trainer to no avail.  (We actually were asked to leave one of the programs as Roscoe was deemed too disruptive.)  I was beginning to think that he “wasn’t the right fit” for our home.  He was destructive, loud and uncontrollable.  Finally, my husband asked what I was looking for since I had already tried group classes and a private trainer with no success.  I told him (between sobs) that “At this point, I guess I’m looking for Divine intervention.”  He laughed (in a loving manner) – but thought there was little hope of that happening.  Little did he know, that VERY day, we were talking to a friend who told us about Karyn and Garvin’s Diving Dog Training.  I thought — what could I lose at this point?  Through Karyn’s firm but gentle training techniques, Roscoe has become a canine companion who is welcomed wherever we go . . . to stores, to Assisted Living facilities, to restaurants.  What was once aggravation and frustration has given way to pure joy.  It is nothing short of a miracle!!  Karyn taught me how to manage Roscoe’s behaviors and she also taught me to step into a leadership role knowing that our four-legged friends, like our children, truly want someone to look to for guidance. For all of this, I will be forever grateful to Karyn and to Garvin’s Divine Dog Training.


BEST DOG TRAINING CLASS EVER!! My dog is a pure breed weimaraner and his name is Razor. I got Razor when he was 8 weeks old and he immediately proved his presence. In a short story he was a crazy puppy, chewing holes in my walls extra. I couldn’t tolerate this behavior. I have never trained a dog in my entire life at this point. When I met Karyn and her awesome team of dogs for my first orientation I was blown away. I have never seen dogs that listened like little people or something. Truly I would call this the DIVINE part of the whole training experience!!! I had no idea what i was getting into once signed up for a FABULOUS lifetime dog training class. One thing i knew was i got super excited to see my dog learn for the first time.
        I started Razor into his training class when he was about 9 months old, by the way should have been here sooner! For the first time Razor was getting the structure he needed, witch he learned really quickly. I couldn’t have been more proud of my dog and myself. I really was the one getting taught here, great teacher!!!! I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher and dog trainer. Razor and I love you and your class, don’t know what we would do without the exciting group classes. Also the private lessons that we took to get to group class, this is hard work!!!
         Razor is now about to graduate next week from his full obedience class with two other amazing dogs and handlers. I am so happy and honored to have had the pleasure working with Karyn Garvin and my classmates. I will be sad not to have class on Saturdays anymore, Razor I’m sure will miss class as well. Best wishes to you Karyn and I’m sure to see you around. Razor and I couldn’t be happier!!!
Sandy Haughey

We are very happy with our experience at Garvin’s Divine Dog Training.  We did an initial session and were so pleased with what we learned that we purchased some additional sessions.  Our 3 year old rescue dog seemed to be very leery of men, and was having a difficult time allowing my husband to pet her, even after a year in our home.  She has made huge improvements.  Karyn taught us as much as she taught the dog, and all in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Sharon G

We received our advanced obedience diploma today!   Thank you Garvins Divine Dog Training.  This is a great place to train. The whole staff is professional and great to work with. They have a wonderful inventory of “spot” beds, collars, leashes and various other useful training tools .  My PWD and I were able to start training him at a very early age creating a team from the start.  Garvin uses intuitive training and brings years of experience to fruition in a happy, playful, and joyful yet very effective way. My dog and I are so happy. Kudos, barks, and wags to Karyn!  

Briana Strevay

My 1 year old puppy was very aggressive toward people and other animals, I felt that I had no where to turn and then I found Karen Garvin. After the 1st session, I saw IMMEDIATE results. She helped us realize the reasons behind his aggression and gave us the tools to handle it properly. After the 2nd session she showed us how to properly leash train our puppy. I am so overwhelmingly happy and choosing Garvin Divine Dog Training was the best thing I could have ever done for my animal. He is so much better around strangers and I am confident enough to actually take him out in public now, which I never thought I would be able to do. If you are looking for help with your fur-baby, Karen is the person to see!

Anne Stancil

Karyn’s approach to training is unique and inspiring. I took my year and a half heeler mix to her for some help with some “rambunctious” behavior. Karyn taught some basic techniques to manage my dog’s behavior at home and on the leash, but more importantly, she taught me to embrace and celebrate my dog for the joyful creature she is. After a few days, we are already seeing results. I would recommend Garvin’s Divine Do Training to anyone looking for training and a resource to learn how to develop and loving, fulfilling relationship with their dog. Thanks, Karyn!

Norma Cottrell

Both my wonderful Labrador Retriever puppy, Murphy, and I had a very satisfying, fun, and productive training experience.  The trainer was experienced, professional, conscientious, and most importantly, very good.  Murphy benefitted greatly from the training experience.  

I will have no reservations highly recommending this trainer to anyone.

Judy Farris

We adopted Ophelia who was a one year old rescue dog (Hound/German Short Hair Pointer mix) with a sweet and loving disposition but possessing NO obedience skills.  She obviously had no restrictions as far as behavior was concerned with her previous owner.  In addition, she was strong and difficult to walk on leash.

Fortunately I found Karyn at Garvin’s Divine Dog Training!  We participated in private lessons and it was amazing how quickly, and HAPPILY, Ophelia learned basic commands.  The private lessons progressed to group lessons and these have been excellent also.  I am extremely pleased with Ophelia’s progress.

One of the interesting things I learned from Karyn is that the “right equipment” is a must.  Once we determined that, Ophelia now walks nicely on leash.

Ophelia now willingly goes to her “spot” (bed) and sits and waits.  She no longer chases our cat and not only does she make us proud, I think she is proud of herself too!

Karyn has a wonderful way with all dogs and she is an excellent teacher–both for the dog and its owner.  Her common sense and expertise are an exceptional mix.  I recommend her highly.

Carolyn Brown

I have used Karyn and her wonderful dog training for both of my dogs.  Not only are they better canine citizens but I have a better understanding of how to work with and understand my dogs behaviors!!  I always get compliments on how well they are behaved (  mostly 🙂  ).  I would highly recommend Garvin’s Divine Dog Training!!  

Lj Jenson

Karyn helped Chip and me to become great companions!  She immediately helped me bring out the best in him and now he is the envy of the dog owners we know. Great experience for both of us!

Karen Manciu

I could not have been more pleased with our experience with Karyn Garvin.  She took the time to really get to know my dog and understand the best ways to teach him.  In just a few lessons he learned so much.  In addition, she took the time to learn about Max’s family and what was important to us.  This really personalized the training to our dog and our home.  Plus, I learned enough to continue training with Max on my own.  And, very important to his family, Maxwell loved everything about the training.  

Ashley O’Brien

My husband and I spoke to several dog trainers after we realized that we needed help with managing our chocolate lab’s puppy behaviors.  When we meet with Karyn we were very impressed with her program and her philosophy.  She gave us a demonstration with her dogs of the things we would learn.  We could not believe what we were seeing and were very excited to get started.  We started training with Karyn when our puppy was about 8 months old.  Right away our dog learned new things and very quickly began listening to us more.  Over the course of our time training with Karyn, our dog has learned things we never knew she would. Karyn is wonderful and her hands on trainings have been invaluable.  We are VERY happy with the results!!! We would highly recommend Garvin Divine Dog Training.  You won’t regret it!  

Richard Leonard

We met Karyn a little les than a year ago based on a strong recommendation from a previous client.  We have been thrilled with our experience.  Our little lab puppy has become quite the little performer in group class.  After only 9 month’s our girl follows instruction and is follows all the obedience fundamentals.  The pizza guy has nothing to fear anymore!
It all starts with Karyn.  Her approach to training and her expertise in relating to all kinds of dogs (breeds and sizes) is immediately obvious when you watch her work and see the results. She takes the time to teach the owner as much as she teaches the dog and often the dog out performs the owner.  
Karyn allows for individual training with scheduled target dates but is flexible if your puppy needs a little more time before joining group.  She will take the time to visit your home and work with your dog in their own environment and also give owners tips and tricks to training around the house, yard,  and neighborhood.  She will readily open her own home to pets that she works with which our dog loves.  Lace loves her doggy play dates with Karyn.  Group classes are always fun as the dogs in group are usually at the same level of training and experience.  So not only is it fun to watch our girl shine but to see her friends in class succeed as well.  
Its rare that you are lucky enough in life to meet people like Karyn.  We are so glad we did.  Not only do we have a trainer for life, but most important Lace, Tona and I have a friend for life.

Lou Fiorino

Karen is Tucson’s personal dog whisperer… what she’s been able to accomplish in a very short time with both our new poodle puppy Monet and our 8 year old dachshund Tgo is amazing. Can’t recommend her highly enough!

Sarah Kerr

We contacted Garvin’s Dog training for an initial consultation after reading all of the positive reviews on Yelp. We are new to Arizona and needed a dog training/behavior specialist’s help with our rescue puppy. He began growling and demonstrating fear behaviors with strangers and friends. We have owned several dogs, none of which frightened easily. We knew enough about dogs to know that his fear could be dangerous. We needed professional help.  Karyn spent about 2 hours with us and our puppy at the consult. She also demonstrated her training skill with her own dogs, Luke and BB. We were impressed and knew that we wanted her help. She suggested placing our puppy in doggy daycare to help with socialization. We began both daycare and training immediately and have seen a big improvement after two weeks. We will continue to see Karyn for help with our puppy, as he has a lot of guard dog characteristics. We want to make sure our dog is socialized and trained! We would recommend Garvins!

Denise Langhenry

As a vet tech for several years, I had a lot of experience with dogs and had owned and personally trained 3 family pets myself.   My fourth dog however, a German Shorthaired Pointer named Reggie, was a challenge;  very large, exuberant, and strong-willed.  When he was 7 months old I realized I was going to need professional help with him.

My vet for 8 years highly recommended Karyn Garvin, with whom he had trained his own dogs.   When I researched her, I was impressed with her credentials, experience, and her integrated training techniques.  We started training with Divine Dog in December of 2013, Reggie was 9 months old.

Karyn’s positive, quiet, gentle interaction is very effective; she uses minimal correction tools (collars, spray bottles, etc) necessary and chooses them expertly for each individual dog.   The dogs instantly like her and respect her authority.  She teaches owners how to gain the dog’s respect by being firm, and the dogs respond by eagerly wanting to please and do more!   The bond between the dog and their human counterpart grows, and accomplishments add up quickly.

But training the DOG is the easy part.  The secret to Karyn Garvin’s success is that she not only understands and relates well with dogs (and other pets!), but that she communicates successfully with the people-half of the dog “team” she is teaching as well.  She is clear and detailed in her instruction, and has a great sense of humor.  Her classes are FUN!

It has been a very pleasurable experience to train with Karyn Garvin for the last 9 months.  Reggie and I are graduating from her Basic Obedience level tomorrow, and now have hopes of competing in Obedience classes and are planning to learn Agility from her too.   I highly recommend Garvin’s Divine Dog Training for developing a happy and well-mannered canine companion!

Andrew Padua

I have three dogs who could be unruly. After taking lessons at Garvin’s I now have the tools and the knowledge I need to teach them. Two of my dogs had aggression issues with each other. The last thing I wanted was to give up either of them but for their own safety I thought I might have no other choice. After attending Garvin’s I no longer have this concern.

Tricia W

Before I write my personal experience with Karyn, I want to mention that although the majority of reviewers have brought their young puppies to training, I have seen all ages training with her. So don’t be scared if your dog is no longer a young pup! Also, although your dog gets training, I love Karyn’s approach of teaching the owners too! She is very quick to explain that leading with the wrong foot or saying your dog’s name at the wrong time can confuse the dog or as those untrained owners interpret it as “disobedience”. She trains us as much as she trains the dogs which is great! But, be sure to do your homework and practice with your dog outside of class!
Lastly, I paid a flat payment for as many personal lessons as I needed and as many group classes as I wanted. I actually took my dog to two group class sessions after my personal training because we both needed more practice and it was not even an issue! Knowing that I can call Karyn if he ever regresses or shows new unwanted behaviors is such a peace of mind and worth every penny. She truly cares!

Now, my own dog. I rescued him from the shelter when he just barely turned one. He was not house broken and was extremely scared of people. So much, that he wouldn’t even let strangers touch his leash. He had terrible anxiety and as I tried to crate train him, he kept escaping and chewing up the door frame to “escape” the captivity. After a year of his behavior not changing, I decided to go to Karyn on a whim. Our first consultation with her was simply just trying to get him to not cower at her holding his leash. With the power of treats and patience, Karyn quickly broke the barrier in front of him and he has completely changed in a matter of weeks! His confidence grew, he became brave. He will let others in class come up and examine him, let others hold his leash, feed him and he has learned numerous commands and even sometimes goes up to strangers to sniff them on a walk! She really works with your dogs personality and barriers and will take as much time as needed to make sure you and the dog are satisfied!

E Maddoz

Karyn is a highly skilled trainer who works hard to make sure that humans and their best friends succeed!

Megan Jacobs

My husband and I always knew our dog Marley didn’t get along with other dogs. Going to the vet was always a feared outing and we had even given up on trying to take her for walks because we saw her reactions to other dogs as aggressive. She had nipped at a few dogs and even bit one. After seven long years of avoiding distractions and going in back doors at vet offices we finally decided to put our trust in a dog trainer. It paid off big time. Karyn and her dogs helped Marley, my husband, and me to realize that it really is possible to teach an old dog new tricks. With the tools and lessons Karyn gave us we are much more confident in not only our handling of Marley but Marley’s reaction to other dogs. We take her for nightly walks now and feel that Marley is a much calmer and happier dog because of this. For so many years we thought Marley’s behavior was out of our control but thanks to Karyn we now know that’s not true.

Jim Blank

Karyn is definitely the best dog trainer in Tucson. I took my Standard Schnauzer, a very rambunctious dog, and she trained me and him into a great team. See you at Rally Shows.

Alvera Pope

My first experience with Karyn, was about twenty years ago when we rescued a two year old cocker spaniel named Molly from an abusive situation.  After bringing Molly into our home we realized she had undesirable aggressive behavior.  Her behavior was so bad that she would attack anyone or anything that walked near her, you didn’t even have to look at her or touch her and she would attack an draw blood.  Having children and other dogs in our home we knew this was not going to be acceptable.  Veterinarians and dog groomers did not want to handle her.  Several veterinarians suggested that we either put her down or keep her on tranquilizers.  We did neither, we contacted Karyn.  After the first session with Karyn she was able to tell us the reason for Molly’s aggression and how to correct it.  Through private and group lesson’s for both our dogs Molly became a calm, non-aggressive happy member of our family where she lived to be eighteen years old.  

A year ago I purchased an 8 week old sweet, happy puppy, so sweet that I spoiled her, she was developing a few bad habits and was shy around strangers.  Immediately I contacted Karyn, we did private lesson, beginning and advanced group lessons. About a month ago we graduated with our advanced obedience diploma.  I couldn’t be happier with the outcome, Abby and I can go anywhere and she is well accepted.  In the near future I will be contacting Karyn again when I acquire a Labrador puppy.

I would highly recommend Karyn, she is extremely knowledgeable, experienced and patient.  She truly cares about the owner and their dog.  Garvin’s training facility is always very clean, neat and organized.  I recommend karyn and her team.  There the greatest.

A Google User

I found Karyn through many different recommendations.  I have a German Shepherd who was very scared of everyone and everything and I felt she was slightly dangerous because of her fear.  Karyn has worked tirelessly with us  to give her confidence as well as myself.  We have worked in both private and group training classes.  Pepper has come miles to develop her own confidence and be a good, stable dog.  Pepper continually goes to training and daycare for socialization and I board her with Karyn as well.  I recommend Garvin’s Pet Training to everyone I know with pets.

A Google User

I highly recommend Garvin’s Dog Training Center for any dog owner who wants to help their dog be the very best companion and part of the family they can be.  My current dog, Maynard, is actually the second dog that Karyn has helped me train.  My first dog had several behavior issues that Karyn was able to get under control so that I could enjoy taking him out and about again.  And wherever I go with Maynard, his exemplary behavior earns us lots of compliments.  Karyn and her team are great!

A Google User

I have been going to Karyn Garvin’s Pet Plaza for several years. My last dog began his agility training there. This is a full service center. You can purchase equipment, take private or group lessons. There are many class choices available to dog owners who want to find something to do with their “best friend.” Garvin’s Pet Plaza and Training Center gives back to Tucson in numerous ways. I have been training there as a member of the Tucson Musical Canine Freestyle Club for the past 5 years. Thanks to Karyn Garvin, our sponsor, our group has a fabulous, well established training center in which to practice. This allows us to perfect our skills. Then, we go into the Tucson community and share the wonderful bond that can be developed with your dog. JB

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I have had the pleasure of taking dog training at Karyn Garvin’s.  It was wonderful to have an indoor training facility during the hot summer months.  Miles loves to work!!  I look forward for the opportunity to get to train / dance with Miles again at Karyn Garvin’s facility.

A Google User

Karyn is an excellent dog trainer! She teaches from a tremendous knowledge base, years of experience and always with patience, a sense of humor, and understanding. We have known Karyn and relied upon her expertise for years and highly recommend all of her services.

A Google User

Garvin’s Dog Training Center has everything anyone could need for training their dog.  Their indoor facilities are such a great part of it, especially in the hot summer months.  I have friends who are very pleased with Karyn’s ability to help turn dog issues into happy endings.  She has a real gift for it.  I continue to recommend her to people whenever I can. KD……………

I have been going to Karyn Garvin’s Pet Plaza for several years. My last dog began his agility training there. This is a full service center. You can purchase equipment, take private or group lessons. There are many class choices available to dog owners who want to find something to do with their “best friend.” Garvin’s Pet Plaza and Training Center gives back to Tucson in numerous ways. I have been training there as a member of the Tucson Musical Canine Freestyle Club for the past 5 years. Thanks to Karyn Garvin, our sponsor, our group has a fabulous, well established training center in which to practice. This allows us to perfect our skills. Then, we go into the Tucson community and share the wonderful bond that can be developed with your dog.  JB

A Google User

Dogdancer could not have said it any better!!  Karyn is a most generous and talented person.  Without her facility to practice in Emily and I would not be where we are today in freestyle.  Thank you Karyn and staff for supporting us.

A Google User

Our dog Rocky graduated from Obedience Training, Agility 1 & 2 Training through Garvin’s Dog Training Center.  Karyn and her excellent staff “trained” us in how to transform Rocky’s agressive behaviors into manageable, obedient behaviors.  Once he graduated from Obedience, we began taking him to Agility training, where he graduated from the 1st level and 2nd level.  We can now take Rocky to the dog park, on walks in the neighborhood and on mountain trails, into stores, without incident. We utilized “tools from the tool box” in our training and are so happy with the results. Rocky was a dog we were looking at giving away because we thought he was too aggressive, but it really wasn’t him, it was us as the owners who needed the training and tools to help him become the dog he is now. We are so grateful and appreciative of what Garvin’s did to help us keep Rocky in our home.  I really could go on and on. Don’t hesitate if you have doggie troubles, call Garvin’s and receive quality training!   Lisa Schroers

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