Behavior Management

Behavior Management Solutions for

  • On-leash behavior issues around people and dogs
  • Inappropriate levels of aggression
  • Housebreaking/Chewing/Barking/Fence Jumping
  • Separation Anxiety and Containment Phobia



With “Divine Dog” training … we understand that the dog was created perfectly.  All the innate behaviors, which are characteristic of the dog, have a purpose and add value to the dog’s very existence.

Lesson #1:

All behavior is either innate or learned.

This is true for people as well as animals.  Innate behaviors are not extinguishable, but they can be managed.  Only learned behaviors can be extinguished.

Let’s use an example for a person:  Is breathing innate or learned?  The correct answer is innate, and we will breathe our entire lives.  Now let’s take the example of a person smoking cigarettes. Would this behavior be innate or learned?  The answer is learned, of course, and yes, a person can quit smoking once and for all.

Now back to the dog, and let’s take jumping for example. Is this behavior innate or learned?  It’s innate!  All jumping for joy cannot possibly be bad.  Jumping is a great example of an innate behavior which is manageable but not extinguishable

Dogs Are Manageable. That’s the Key!!!

Most of my clients start out believing that the dog ought to change. Experience has taught me that this way of thinking only leads to disappointment, because it puts all the responsibility for change solely on the dog.  Rather than thinking the dog should know better, what my clients learn instead is how to train and manage their dog. You learn that you are in charge, and how to manage situations at hand. You learn how to be a great teacher and leader.

Karyn Garvin is a master trainer and dog behaviorist who will provide you with numerous behavior management solutions from which you can choose.  There are many roads that can lead to the same destination.  Karyn will help you to discover which solutions work best for you and your dog.

After all, this is all about teaching you how to manage your dog.