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It is my pleasure to
be of service to you!

It is my pleasure to
be of service to you!

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There is certain information that I believe every dog owner should have access to
and will benefit from:




  • Save a Dog’s Life

    Understanding the difference between Separation Anxiety and Containment Phobia has
    the potential of saving thousands of dogs’ lives. Please share this video.



  • MarkOut Marking

    A Free training manual for dog owners whose male dogs deliberately urinate (mark) in the


Three Additional Ways We Could Work Together:


1. Online Zoom Session or Phone Consultation


2. Private Lessons at Your Home – (Tucson, AZ & outlying areas)


3. A Combination of the Two


Plan A: Living in Harmony Once Again

I am a dog parent as well. I understand how important our dogs are to us and how difficult
it can be when our home environment is totally disrupted by inappropriate dog behavior.

The first time we get together, whether that’s online or in person, I’m going to ask you several
questions which will help me to understand your situation in detail.

Based on that conversation, we are going to use “The Integrated Approach” to help us 
develop your own personal Plan A.

●   We will map out how to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.
●   You will gain both the new insights you need, and the clarity to be successful!
●   You will walk away with your own personal Plan A list, allowing you to
implement the information and take immediate action.

Online or Phone Consultation

Please fill out the form on this page to schedule.

I am in my 41st year as a professional trainer and dog behavior specialist.  I have had no less than
40,000 private lessons with clients over this time span. I have always found every dog and each dog
owner to be unique individuals.  The wealth of experience
that I bring to the table gives me the ability
to arrive with and come up with solutions that are going to work for you and your dog.  

Your online coaching will come in the form of a Zoom meeting.  I will email you an invitation in advance
for a specific time, and we can view each other as we talk.  I can also view your dog (and sometimes your
dog’s behavior) online.  Clients who have a portable laptop can show me around the house if there is an
area that I would like to see for our training purposes.

The fee for Online Coaching or a Phone Consultation is $75.00 per ½ hour, $150.00 per hr.

Money Back Guarantee:  If for any reason you did not find your coaching session to be of enormous value
to you, let me know while we are still on the line and you will not be charged for the session.

Private In-Home Training
Your Home, Your Convenience

Please fill out the form on this page to schedule.

  • Training at your home offers the advantage of training without distractions.  You learn what to do and how to do it,
    right there where you need more control.
  • Another advantage for both of us is that I can demonstrate the lesson in person. Our objective is to teach you how
    to be a great communicator with your dog.  All interested family members are also welcomed to attend.
  • You receive more hands-on coaching, which builds both your understanding and self-confidence.
  • You get to see the results when your dog is handled by a professional, giving you a clear vision of what you need to model.
  • If you feel that we need other dogs present, I own four well-trained and balanced dogs that are happy to help when need be.
    They do not accompany me unless we have determined that this would be beneficial.
  • I also carry an array of training equipment with me which will help us determine just what will work best for your dog.

This initial, in-home behavioral consultation is likely to last a few hours. Flat Fee: $325.00
(Extra $40.00 trip fee for outlying areas)


Plan B: Going Beyond

Additional follow-up lessons may be in order. Save money by choosing
a package that fits your goals:

4 Private Sessions ……………….. $  900.00

10 Private Sessions ……………… $2,000.00

(These packages are paid in full at the time of selection. Once again, there is an
additional trip fee of $40.00 per session for outlying areas.)

Unlimited Private Sessions with a Lifetime Guarantee $3,500

Once again, please fill out the form on this page to discuss any of these programs.
Thank you!

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